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Short term insurance, saving you money in the long run

Looking for short term car insurance for a weekend away? Need short term van insurance for an additional driver? Mark Richard offer a range of temporary car insurance policies from 1 to 28 days.

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2015-03-06 02:43:37

Temporary car insurance comes in handy when you have the opportunity to borrow a car, or are struggling to get your current annual motor insurer to amend your existing policy to cover the few days you need. With our daily insurance policies, you can book in advance solely for the days you want to cover and have full peace of mind that the policy will be live by the time you set off.

Benefits of our short term car insurance

  • You can get your short term cover in minutes
  • You can specify exactly when your policy starts and stops
  • You can have between 1 and 28 days cover depending on what you need it for
  • You can pay in advance for security that you have a policy in your name
  • You can print your documents and drive away today!

When would you need temporary car insurance?

  • To share the driving on a long journey
  • To borrow a bigger car or a car with a special feature, e.g. tow bar
  • To add an additional driver to your own car
  • To drive a newly purchased car home from the place of sale
  • To avoid risking your no claims bonus when your family borrow the vehicle
  • I would just like to take the opportunity to commend the work of a lady in your department called Sam. We have recently had problems securing and clarifying our requirements for home insurance on a second property which we own. Sam has been incredibly helpful, efficient and most importantly has done everything that she promised she would do to sort this issue for us within timescales indicated. This is unfortunately a rare occurrence with customer service in so many areas of life these days and her efforts are worthy of note.